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Voice Acting

2009-07-28 12:25:44 by OrganizationVI


since I can't animate and I have to wait till I get home to upload any of my artwork, I want to voice act for some people. Woking on lines for Misterpiccolo made me want to voice act for things. It was alot of fun.

Watching the movie though, I laughed at the guy, "I'm cuming" Go watch it. Its linked as me as a voice. I laughed so hard the first time. The animation was awesome.. I hope hes working on the next part to it.


Voice Acting

2009-07-16 17:21:36 by OrganizationVI


I found someone who needed voice actors, and I asked if I could try doing one of the people. I got it, did the lines, sent them off, and re-recorded some that needed to be redone.
Other than that, MisterPiccolo Is the first flash artist on Newgrounds that I have voice acted for ;D

Can't wait for the flash to come out.

Hahaha. Whenever something happens to me, the opposite happens just a bit later.

Obviously I can't make any flashes or create any works of music, but I definitely love coming onto Newgrounds and just roaming around while I listen to music. I always have done that since I was in grade 5. (For some odd inexplicable reason..)

But whenever I finally think everything goes great, everything goes backwards. I was given lemonade and then it turned into lemons ._o

How the fuck that works, I wouldn't even be able to begin explaining.


Shoop da Whoop!

2009-05-02 12:43:17 by OrganizationVI

I don't know WHY people think I'm so pathetic.


I may be a geek and I may play video games doesn't make me sort of weirdo. D:

I need to find some sort of way to make a flash, since my computer got rid of all my work after I formatted my laptop again...

hopefully Ill have something up. ahaha